If you want to be in with the bingo crowd, you’ve got to speak the way they do!


Listen Carefully! There is More to Bingo than Meets the Eye

bingo-lingoWhen you sit down to a game of bingo, there are several things that will jump out at you from the get go. One of them is the bingo variant that you’re playing, and the other is the social component. There is no doubt that bingo has a life force unlike any other social game. And one of the things that makes bingo so exciting is the bingo lingo that is used. Bingo calls refer to the announcements made by the bingo caller when numbers pop up. Half a century ago, bingo calls were already being used in bingo halls around the United Kingdom. Modern day usage of bingo lingo is simply following on from a long tradition. The demise of traditional bingo halls is sad, but the tradition of bingo lingo is alive and well with online bingo rooms. The prolific number of online bingo sites guarantees that bingo calls will remain a thriving part of the game.

But what exactly are bingo calls?

Simply put, bingo calls are phrases that are used to liven up the game. Bingo callers will call the number and then players will respond in kind – that is sometimes referred to as bingo lingo. Most of the bingo calls have a UK origin, which is closely linked to the history of the game. Bingo calls are unique for different variants of the game including 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Here is a sampling of different bingo calls for specific numbers:

  • 2 – Me and You
  • 5 – A Little Snake
  • 10 – Uncle Ben
  • 14 – Valentine’s Day
  • 19 – Goodbye Teens
  • 25 – Duck and Dive
  • 30 – Dirty Gertie
  • 34 – Ask for More
  • 38 – Christmas Cake
  • 41-Time for Fun
  • 43 – Down on Your Knees
  • 49 – PC
  • 54 – Clean the Floor
  • 60 – 3 Score
  • 64- The Beatles’ Number
  • 68 – Saving Grace
  • 76 – Trombones
  • 82 – Fat Lady with the Duck
  • 85 – Staying Alive
  • 90 – Top of the House


There are many ways to call out numbers in bingo games. This is certainly not the PG rated list of bingo calls, because many of them can get quite racy. Different parts of the world have different bingo lingo and this is especially true throughout the UK. With each little village or homestead, different terms have come to be associated with different numbers. One thing remains true throughout: bingo lingo is designed to add plenty of flavour to the mix. Without it the game would simply not be the same.