List of Bingo Rules

There are different rules as it applies to playing Bingo online and offline. When playing this game online, after deciding which Bingo game format you will like to play i.e. either the 75 ball Bingo or the 90 ball bingo (you should also purchase a ticket to enable your eligibility to participate in the game), there a certain rules that you need to abide with to help you play to win the game better.

  • Every 3 seconds, a number will be called.
  • Target that the all numbers called fills up your ticket in the 90 balls or conforms with a designated pattern in your 75 ball bingo ticket before anyone else’s card gets filled up. However, the pattern in the 75 bingo ball can vary. The pattern for this category is evident at the right of your bingo ticket. If you successfully complete one horizontal line in your 90 ball bingo ticket, you will get a prize. Also, if you complete two horizontal lines successfully on your ticket, you will win a prize. Lastly, if you are the first person to fill up all your cards with the numbers called, you will win a prize too.
  • Since the bingo mode is always auto, you will be alerted always when a winning ticket happens.
  • Minimum of 5 players is allowed to play the bingo game per time. If the number of persons who purchase tickets is less than 5 at any time, the fee will be refunded and the game will not go on.
  • Breakdown empties all play and pay.
  • Ensure to check up if the bingo game you are about to play have any special terms and conditions. Be certain to check this up before playing the game.
  • Be informed that certain jackpot games may be available for a limited time.
  • When you lose your internet connection while playing the game, the outcome of your game will not be altered.
  • The number of ticket purchases for a particular game contributes towards the total jackpot in a standard game. The more the number of tickets purchased, the higher the jackpot.
  • Prizes may vary. It could range from loyalty points to tangible gifts such as tours or holidays, bonus money or real money.

N: B: If by chance there are two players who have two winning tickets each, they will both share the prize 50% each