Offline Bingo Rules

Usually, whenever you get the BINGO card pattern, the most common way to make other players know you have won is to shout BINGO so loud that the caller will hear you else if he calls another number afterwards, you will miss out on the chance to win. Once you call Bingo, the floor walker will immediately come to your table to confirm your BINGO claim. Afterwards, the floor walker will request the caller to verify by calling out loud the winning numbers.

The bingo game is played under certain rules. Below are a list of rules that you must abide with when playing BINGO in a casino hall or anywhere you find one.

  1. Abide by all stated rules and be as honest as you can.
  2. If Bingo is called on same number by two persons, the prize will be split equally between them.
  3. Do not attempt to change anything on your bingo card no matter the circumstance. Hall managers will be very happy to deal with defaulters; making sure they prosecute you to the fullest of the law.
  4. To play a Bingo game in most of the halls, a player must be above the age of 18 to be eligible.
  5. Bringing food and drinks from outside into the halls is not often appreciated by some halls as it is preferred that you buy the alcoholic beverages, chips, hot dog or any other thing from them.
  6. Before the start of any game session, it will be good for you to check up updated rules as it applies to the hall where you are playing including any special rules, terms and conditions. This is particularly important as no two bingo halls do operation the same way.
  7. It is not permitted that you reserve any specific cards.
  8. Be aware that the managers of some halls may not allow any movement (both entry and exit) once a special high-stake game is ongoing.
  9. Ensure that your voice is loud enough to be heard if you have BINGO. Although it is up to you to stop play before the next number is called. Do know that it is important for you to claim your bingo before the next number is called by the caller. If you do not do so, you will miss out on your chance to win.
  10. In some halls, restrictions are placed on people just standing to watch their colleague or friends play without having a buy-in themselves.

ULTIMATE ADVICE: Go with a photo ID anytime. You could hit a JACKPOT!!!

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